​​"Whatever you've been doing, I feel protected and safe, like I am getting ME back again.  I'm seeing things more clearly, understanding and calming down gain!  I'm just feeling so much better after seeing you.  I haven't felt this relieved in a long time." ​LP

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 "For the past 24hrs I'd been in severe pain from a lower back issue that decided to rear it's ugly head. After one session with Cara I walked out pain free and feel amazing!"  B.K.

Tapping into your best self

Your best you is achievable.  Peaceful energetic release of what is no longer serving you while relaxing!


"I am amazed at how good I feel.  My sleep has been significantly more restful. I wake up feeling more rested, not stressed to begin my day. Very remarkable.  I notice myself spontaneously smiling more too. It's kind of amazing." ​CG

As a Certified Crystal Healer and BodyTalk  Practitioner, I understand and recognize that each and every one of us is different and unique.  So are our healing stories.

Intuitively, I use healing vibrational frequencies using crystals, stones, light, color and sound to move and release stuck energy and reestablish healthy communication within the body on all levels of Mind, Body and Spirit.

I am able to communicate with your body.   

This allows me to address and consult as to which is the ultimate essential healing Priority for your overall health the day of your session

This gentle easy release kicks outdated belief systems, negative self talk, monkey mind and self harming habits to the curb!  Most times these shifts are subtle.  Your level of personal growth will  be noticed however, when life presents trying challenges.  You will be amazed at how things that used to bother you before or elicit a response are no longer triggers!

Huntsville December by Donation Sessions


LOCATION: More Than Just Art, 15 Manominee St., Unit 1A

Cutting edge Ion Resonance Technology played through Tesla coils to your CNS.  ​Heaven!

Intuitive Healing

Seqex Therapy

Causal Body Realignment