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All of my smudge wands are a combination of "found" feathers, and purchased feathers.  Any combination of found and purchased feathers from the following birds can and have been used; Goose, Turkey, Pheasant, Quail, Seagull, Swan, Rooster and even Ostrich Feathers! 

I try to use items that are provided by nature such as clay, hemp, repurposed leather and crystals!!

*Please note that I do use glue to craft them. 

If there are quality issues with a wand you purchase, please email me rather than leave it for me to hear through the grapevine!  

Smoky Quartz


Fire Agate

Honey Calcite

Labradorite, Moldavite & Clear Quartz

Crystal Infused Elixirs are for personal Spiritual Development only.  ​Please note I am not making any health claims, or implying the healing or curing of any medicinal condition, ailments or disease.

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Smudge Wands

Crystal Infused Elixirs

Crystal Infused Elixirs