"I highly recommend  Cara Cooper and her healing work I just experienced. For the past 24hrs I'd been in severe pain from a lower back issue that decided to rear its ugly head. After one session with Cara I walked out pain free and feel Amazing! Check this woman out for your own healing."​​

Quantum Essentials Intuitive Healing


"Whatever you've been doing, I feel protected and safe, like I am getting ME back again.  I'm seeing things more clearly, understanding and calming down gain!  I'm just feeling so much better after seeing you.  I haven't felt this relieved in a long time."

Carolyn G.

"I am feeling really great - finding such joy in many simple things in my life.  I feel like that is so far from how I felt when I had my first visit with you and I felt like crying at anything.  I am energized and find myself just smiling spontaneously - sometimes at nothing - I just feel good and it makes me smile.
I am 'way' better than I have been for years and was reflecting this past weekend I don't remember feeling this good for 10 years.  If we keep this up - you'll have me back to my teens in no time!"


It's always nice to hear from clients who have had personal improvements or unique experiences!


​"Thank you so much Cara!!! I don't think I would be handling my everyday life as well as I have been without the help of you and Body Talk. I have been able to release unwanted emotions that I normally would have just bottled up and eventually EXPLODED like a tightly wound clock. You have taught me thing I would never have imaged I was capable of doing. I am much more calm and relaxed. I no longer feel like I don't belong. I have found my place and don't plan on returning to the bitter side of not knowing everyday where to go or what to do."