​​​Crystal Healing

Chakra Balance/Charge exactly as it sounds.  Sometimes we balance all, sometimes one or two.  Sometimes your chakras need a boost from Source Energy.
Polarity Reversal excellent treatment for anyone suffering depression 

Grounding/Protecting/Transmuting  perfect to use to wind down from those extremely stressful weeks

Detox Layout this layout is a treat with and add on of Lymphatic Drainage, Seqex Therapy and BodyTalk™!

​Self Love/Return to Heart Centerdness Excellent for those struggling with self love and empathy towards others

Abundant Resource Manifest Layout  amp up your abundance manifesting to Source with this layout

**I do have other layouts available but only for use when I am guided to do so.  We are all on different paths of awakening, and it is for this reason these lay outs are only used as guided.  If you are interested discussing these layout options in detail please do so with Cara at your next session.​​​

​Crystal Healing $90/1hr15min Session

Deeper Crystal Healing Sessions

Every Intuitive Healing Session begins with BodyTalk™ as I truly believe in the body's ability to communicate what we need to know for our best health.  However it is us, who are not hearing and acting on the messages sometimes! 

As we move through the session pretty much any of the listed modalitites below may be used as I am guided to "move" energy prime for release.  Aura Infusion, Energy Clearing and Balancing, and Celtic Reiki are generally incorporated into every session.  

All sessions require you be dressed in something you find to be comfortable!  Lymphatic Drainage is the only modality where we will need to discuss farther as there are three different options of applications​ to choose from.   

All of these energy healing sessions are meant to assist or augment your regular medical treatment from a Professional Medical Doctor.  None of these sessions are meant to replace regular medical treatment from a healthcare professional.

Intuitive/BodyTalk/ Celtic Reiki/Seqex Therapy


Causal Body Realignment

For those of you who are not new to this self improvement journey, actively and consciously working on releasing energies from your soul vessel and energy matrix! 

Intuitive Reading


The Causal Body is the connecting link to your Higher Self and all Higher planes of Divine Consciousness. It is our personal Akash. It is eternal and travels with the soul. A Causal Body Realignment, is the process of bringing the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies into perfect harmonious alignment. The process also mends rips, tears, and folds in the different layers of the aura and the chakras as it aligns them.  These sessions have sparked natural and healthy changes to come about in many people's lives!

Causal Body Realignment Treatment $99/60-90min

Intutive Readings are conducted at a distance.  During an Intuitve reading I will connect in with your Subconsciousness, to assist with shedding light on areas or questions that you are looking for answers or assitance with in your life.  These could be related to repetitive behaviours, belief systems or intuition. 

Ex. - Why am I feeling stuck at the moment?  What is holding me back from reaching my full potential?  Should I take the job in British Columbia?

Keep in mind that I can only bring forward the information I recieve in response.  Sometimes it is confirmation of your current feelings, but it can also be confusing and is not often in yes or no responses.  Many times, it does not make sense, until it does in the moment.  ​It's a way to get an outside perspective of something you are struggling with internally, from your Subsconscious!  I send a voice recap of the Intuitve Reading to your preferred email address for your review after the session has been completed.

Distance Intuitve Reading $65/session

Quantum Essentials Intuitive Healing

Celtic Reiki

I am absolutely in love with this healing method!  Using essences pulled from nature, I work with Universal Energy to release and restore energy communications that are blocked stagnant, misfiring and weak in your energy bodies - mental, emotional and physical.

Connecting and harnessing healing Life Force energies augmented with the Celtic Reiki Essences can leave you feeling relaxed, calm and blissful!  There are too many Celtic Reiki Essences to list, but here are a few to wet your whistle - Celtic Tree Essences, The Woodhenge, Woodland and Elven Essences, Crystal & Mineral Essences, Elemental Essences, Norse and Runic Essences, Planetary, Celestial, Stargate, Color and Oceanic Essences.  

​Celtic Reiki $65/60min Session


Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage​

What are the potential benefits of VMLD?

Increased energy 
Decreased swelling
Weight loss
Assists in detoxification (on a physical and emotional level)
Decreased joint pain
Relieves sinus, cold and allergy congestion
Reduced stress
Regulates bowel movements
Improved functioning of the immune system
Removes harmful substances from the body (including pain-inducing chemicals and hormones that are stagnating in the breast tissue or around organs)
Reduces swollen ankles and legs during pregnancy​

The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes. The client will lie comfortably on a massage table. The VMLD technique is typically performed with the client disrobed and fully draped for maximum comfort. If preferred, it can also be done just as effectively over the clothes.

Detox Session VLMD and Seqex Microcirculation  $65


Every BodyTalk™ session is unique and different - every time.  Your body highlights Priority for improvements and we listen. 

Using The BodyTalk System’s extensive Protocol, which combines western medical experiences such as epigenetics, neuroscience and psycho-immunology, acupuncture, osteopathic and chiropractic theory, applied kinesiology and insights of modern physics, quantum mechanics and mathematics, I can identify and balance what causing weakening of the body's communication system, blockages or overload within the body's circuits.  Helping the body's natural communication system to rebalance and better communicate. BodyTalk also clears outdated Belief Systems from our subconscious that are limiting us, and one of the major causes of stress to begin with!  Keep in mind that stress is the gateway of disease and illness.  Listening to the body is simply one of the most powerful tools to ignite your body's natural holistic ability to heal itself!

BodyTalk Session $65/60min

​Distance BodyTalk Session via Zoom available

Fertility Focus - Couples BodyTalk Sessions

Besides physical health issues, stress is one of the most common issues with conceiving.  It’s such a catch 22.  You and your spouse are stressed out, because you are having trouble conceiving.  There are emotional issues and mental issues popping up as a result. On top of that, you are still going to and from work and everywhere else needed in between. Your work and family environment are always ripe with little surprises that can annoy you, when not prepared!  What can you do to relieve stress?  That seems like a never ending losing battle!  There was a time I thought that too.  Before BodyTalk.

To begin with, please let me state that BodyTalk is an Integrative Medicine that compliments your Doctor’s orders, it does not replace them.In order to get your whole fertility picture, as a couple, we need to address all angles that are being affected by stress – physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual factors.

We begin these sessions with a Zoom meeting so we can become accquainted with each other. There will be some Well Being forms to fill out and return as well, before we begin. These sessions are then performed at a distance, once a week, one per person, for three months. The focus of these sessions will be fertility, which we need to get approval from your body for, through a process BodyTalkers call an "agenda" formula. If you concieve during these months, we will proceed with an agenda of a healthy pregnancy or healthy/easy birth process if you wish to continue past the initial three months.  Each session will be followed up with a recorded recap of the Priority healing formula released at the end of your weekly session.  This email will be sent to your preferred email address.

Fertility Focus - Couples BodyTalk Sessions

(Distance Sessions, 3mos=12 sessions each) 


Fertility Focus - Couples BodyTalk Sessions + Intuitve Reading* 

(Distance Sessions, 3mos=12sessions each, 1 Intuitve read each)


Seqex Therapy

These sessions will relax you!  Ion Cyclon Technology played to your Central Nervous System via Tesla Coils is a sure way to zap positive sound waves into your energetic system via healing tones played at a specific frequency.  If massages aren't your thing, Seqex Therapy just may be!

Seqex Only Session $50   

Want to try it out from home with unlimited sessions for a week? Ask Cara about Seqex HC Rentals